Dentalium Shells

Dentalium Shells
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These Beautiful Dentalium Shells are a tubular mollusks that look like elephant tusks. These Dentalium Shells are 1" to 2 " in length and are grade A. These Dentalium Shells are sold in 100 count bags. These are ridged. Traditionally, these dentalium were found on the west coast, and were traded to interior tribes. Dentalium were valued for the decorative use. Dentalium was also used as a standard of monetary exchange and a sign of wealth. These shells are used to decorate "Regalia", make earrings, chokers, hair ties and much more. In many of the books reqarding traditional clothing and regalia of the Native Americans, will be displays of beautifully designed earrings and chokers made from these dentalium. At Native American Gatherings, you still see dentalium made into chokers and earrings and worn by the dancers.
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